The game with added value for everyone who likes challenges, adventures, secrets and clues!


Strange symbols, bones, reagents ... What ties these items? Yellowed newspaper scraps claim the legend of Shackled Heart - the healer, who made a deal with the Cold One - Frigid Demon to save his beloved and give her eternal life. In retribution the Demon impaled flaming healers’ heart by needles of frost, shackling it in fetters of cold and darkness forever.

Those who composed legends are covered with the dust of centuries now… However, all that is needed to break the shackles, could be found in this mysterious box. And who knows what will happen then?


  • Scientific experiments theme for enthusiastic adventurers!
  • Amazing chance to demonstrate wit with friends!
  • Only 2 rules - unravel the codes, using logical interrelation of objects, and also not to break stuff on purpose!
  • A great chance to get themed and functional items-souvenirs, which will be a useful memory for you!
  • Unexpected gift, which can be delivered without additional charge together with a mysterious note and the desired text!
  • The game is designed for one vivid use, especially appropriate for celebrations and parties, when there is no time and no desire to explain all the long rules and go deep!
  • Unusual adventure, entertainment, gift for seniors and people with limited mobility!
  • A farewell gift to a colleague, a gift to an applicant or a graduate!
  • A challenge to anyone!


Weight: 0,300 kg.

Size: 230 x 127 x 60 mm

Age restriction: 14+, contains small details

Adding note: free

Delivery within Latvia: free

QuestBox: Curious Edition

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