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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Full Terms and Conditions could be read here.


Limited Liability Company "SUPERKASTE" (reg. no. 40103974561) and the third party, who accepted the offer placed on the Internet at http://questbox.lv, entered into this Agreement on the following:


1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. questbox.lv - web site providing disposable packaging and distribution of "QuestBox" puzzle game.

1.2. "Customer" - the third person (natural or legal person) who has expressed the wish to obtain a box with the game and confirmed the order by making the payment.

1.3. "Implementer" – LLC "SUPERKASTE" (reg. no. 40103974561)

1.4. "QuestBox" – puzzle game, a box with a set of products from one or more independent brands, as well as own-made goods and / or paper handouts needed to determine the encrypted codes. Age limit: 14 years and older.

1.5. The Version of the Box – the name of one of the specific thematic bundles of the QuestBox game boxes. Available for order at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement Versions and their prices are published at questbox.lv.

1.6. All other terms and definitions, found in the text of the Agreement, shall be interpreted by the Parties in accordance with current legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. Acceptance of the offer stipulated by actual Agreement is:

2.1.1. Filling in the order form for one of the Versions of the QuestBox game boxes on the questbox.lv site or sending the application by e-mail to info@questbox.lv.

2.1.2. Familiarization with the terms of actual Agreement. In this case, the third-person action referred to in paragraphs 2.1.3 is considered a confirmation reference to the terms of the Agreement.

2.1.3. Making a payment of 100% prepayment of the game and the cost of the shipping costs (if applicable) in accordance with received e-mail with prepayment invoice.

2.1.4. Also, making payment means, that Customer confirms the correctness of the information on the method and address of delivery (the information specified in the application is being sent to the Customer for verification together with the prepayment invoice).

2.2. The text of the actual Agreement is permanently placed in the Internet at http://questbox.lv/distances-ligums-eng.pdf.

2.3. The offer to order a specific Version of the QuestBox is up-to-date, while the corresponding offer is posted on the questbox.lv web site.

2.4. The Implementer has the right to remove and add offers of different Versions of QuestBoxes, and also to change the price without preliminary informing the Customers and potential Customers. Changes cannot affect the implementation of Agreements already concluded.

2.5. In case of inaccuracies in the information provided by the Customer or the need to change the information about the delivery, the Customer can contact the Implementer by e-mail (info@questbox.lv), specifying the personal order number (invoice number).


3. Contents of the Box with the "QuestBox" Game

3.1. A branded box consists of the goods of one or several brands needed to find and decrypt several codes that are the answer of the puzzle.

3.2. Contents of the box with the "QuestBox" game is not edible.

3.3. The Implementer shall not be liable for the use in food or other inappropriate use of contents of the box with "QuestBox" game.

3.4. In addition to the items, instructions and a form for filling in the answers are placed in the box.

3.5. In case of absence of some items in the box, replacement is made only if there is a video recording of the unpacking immediately after receiving the parcel and until the paper seal is broken. All cases of shortage or defects in content are resolved individually using e-mail (info@questbox.lv).