How to play


1. After filling the request and paying You receive mysterios box.

2. Inside the box You find different and interesting stuff - some reagents, mechanisms, papers etc.. Box also contains:
    - instructions;
    - special code map;

3. Your task is to find relationship of these objects, based on logic, and thus discover the object interaction or application. Objects have not to be destroyed (must not be burned, broken and so on).

4. If everything is done correctly, you will get some numerical codes as a result. Codes could be written on special code map.

5. Each box has unique ID (identification number) and unique website address. You could visit this website to enter box ID and decrypted codes.

6. If all codes are correct, You are declared as winner, and Your photo could be placed in our social networks, if You wish. People need to know their heroes!

7. If You are a Winner, You could participate in QuestBox contests and lotteries.

Attention: be careful, nothing is edible!